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Our Mission

At Oak Family Advisors, we are dedicated to solving the financial intricacies of our clients' lives.  We are investors first, seeking top-tier, after-tax returns.  We only advise on separately managed accounts, customizing each client’s portfolio to their unique personal tax preferences and financial goals.


The investment strategy of the firm centers around the strategic asset allocation process, building and managing prudently diversified portfolios that map to client specific factors, such as income requirements, downside risk tolerance, and time horizon, among others. We focus this philosophy through a global lens, believing that opportunities are born in all parts of the world, and we utilize both active and passive approaches to access our insights and beliefs.

We seek relationships that have a similar long term horizon, augmenting their own successes with our holistic approach to managing wealth. We believe this includes not only investments, but the entirety of a client’s financial decision-making as well. We believe our expertise in planning, investment, and strategy can measurably improve our clients’ long-term financial security.

Generally speaking, our core services at OFA include:


  • Tax-optimized investment management services 

  • Financial and retirement planning

  • Wealth transfer planning and strategy

  • Integration of/with third-party advisors and experts

  • Philanthropic strategy, where desirable

  • Private investments, where applicable

Market Perspective

The ever changing financial landscape requires very thoughtful and frequent contact with our clients, and includes weekly updates that are timely and relevant. We hope that these frequent updates engender a greater understanding of our approach and thought process. If you would like to learn more, please contact any member of our team.

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